That Slow Southern Style (gwennierocks) wrote in alamaison,
That Slow Southern Style

i went to this bar in dallas that used to be the expo, which was lame and boring, but has now turned into a tiki bar called monkey bar. it was AWESOME! i have resolved, since i dont go to bars very much at all, to turn my own backyard into monkey bar. on the outdoor patio they had lots of great potted plants, like elephant ear, all about, and three separate seating areas along a long deck. each area had a propane fire with chairs grouped around it. there were also what i thought were gazing balls hanging from the corrugated metal ceiling, but come to find out they are antique glass floats used to tell fishermen where they'd laid their nets! bless the internet in its infinite wisdom. the chairs were HARD TO FIND but thanks to a friend i tracked down a reasonable facsimilie at pier one kids.

also, i need this neiman marcus mirror for my entryway more than humans need oxygen:

too bad its $795 plus $120 shipping.
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