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alamaison's Journal

The Home Eccers
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-this community is moderated by lindsey: letterbox and leesa: goodgoodlove. the same power-duo who brought you loveletterbox and tweedskirt. and yes, we DO plan on TAKING OVER THE WORLD and making it listen to death cab for cutie and making it drink PBR from the can and making it faneffintastic.

-click to join. we'll get an email. we'll double-check to see that you are THE COOLEST PERSON EVER. aaaaaaand on we go.

-we ask that you come and share goodness and ideas and recipes and secrets of domestic yay. we ask that you stay on topic. we ask that you don't promote other lj communities, but we also ask for you to PRETTY PLEASE drop the knowledge about other rad/great/swell sites and links and articles and photos of things you like. and things that inspire you. photos and questions and tricks and tips and happiness are always welcome. and APPRECIATED.

-we're pretty laid-back lassies, but tuff about the rules. it helps for smooth sailing and calm seas. fights and meanies aren't allowed and when you are banned for it, we will talk about you behind your back.

-questions/ideas/whatevers...comment. and stuff.