lissy (suncirkles) wrote in alamaison,

fall = projects

so, i read this community but have never posted before (i might have commented, maybe?)

Anyway... if you are like me, then fall is high-gear home project time. I don't know what it is about September that makes me want to make new curtains, but there it is.

On the list for this fall:

- Finish dining room table mosaic top. This project is taking forever, but it's soooo pretty.

- New curtains for living room. It would be a miracle if I managed this by Christmas, but that is my goal.

- Dress up the master bathroom. I have spent so much time in the living room and kitchen that my poor bathroom just looks... underdressed. Does anyone have any great ideas for sources for large (like, poster size) frames that are not plain and boring? I have some prints I want to frame but they're all lovely and art nouveau-y and I want to frame them accordingly. For not much money, preferably.

So, what projects are you all working on? Whose fall/winter stuff is exciting this year? I was in Target the other day and found a ridiculous discount on The Perfect Clock for the living room. Now all I want to do is sit here and look at it. Oh Target, how I love you.....
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